Self Care on a Budget


Continuing with the theme of self love, I've been thinking a lot lately about self care. Transitioning from a full time salaries, benefits, bells + whistles job to being a small business owner lady entrepreneur has definitely had it challenges, especially in the mental + physical part of my daily life. It's challenging to go from being able to afford all the yoga + juice + healthy  foods to really having to budget + limit the amount of income that goes towards what I consider life's more luxurious necessities. So I've had to reevaluate how to take care of my mind + body with a limited amount of money. Maybe there are some of you guys out there having to do the same + can add to this list of special "treat ya self" rituals I've come up with to help give myself that little bit of extra self love I know I deserve <3

1. Create a special sanctuary space that you can recluse to when you need a bit of solace or recharge. I'm still working on that space for myself. I haven't completely unpacked from my cross country move from SF.

2. take 5 minutes + just sit comfy listening to your breath + actively breathe. After all, the breath is was carries us through the day, our ups + downs, failures + Achievements, we should ACKNOWLEDGE it a little more often.

3. Make a cup of tea + take 10 minutes to make a list of things you’re grateful for or record some Positive affirmations.

4. Put your favorite tunes on + take a 30 min walk, I’ve been really digging the somsiren playlists on SPOTify. ESPECIALLY this one.

5. Take a nap, if you really wanna indulge, use a chilled Lavender filled eye pillow to help calm + relax you.

6. Get all dressed up + Invite your best friend over for a cheap glass of wine. You don’t have to spend money at the bar to have good company + conversation.

7. Get a plant. I know this involves spending money but there is the sweetest greenhouse called house of plants here in Winston where you can buy the cutest little plants for pretty cheap. Just seeing a bit of green in a room always makes me feel a little more energized + vibrant.

8. Take 15 min + just sit with yourself, meditate, read a book, write, reflect Or just be still. I like to meditate with Mala beads + repeat whatever mantra I’m working with that day. 

9. Get some good smelling something going, whether it’s a candle, room spray, perfume, incense, sage or essentials oils. You can find versions of all these things pretty inexpensively + better yet, you’ve probably already got one or two of these things already. MY GO TO scented item right now is this LAVENDER candle from P.F. Candle Co.

10. Do something outside. I like to pick a nice sunny spot on the back deck + set up a little work area (mostly because I’m hardly ever not working) but you can grab a book, a magazine, make you’re own iced coffee or Iced tea, walk to a green space and just plop. All it’ll cost you is a bit of time + energy :)

I would love to hear how you guys do self care. Drop a comment below or shoot me an email with suggestions to add to my personal self care list.